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Central Brown County Water Authority

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Manager – Central Brown County Water Authority


The Position

The Central Brown County Water Authority (CBCWA) is seeking an experienced, innovative, and independent manager to provide leadership, guidance, and support to its Board of Directors and its six member communities: the City of De Pere; Villages of Allouez, Bellevue and Howard; and the Towns of Lawrence and Ledgeview.

Responsible to the Board of Directors, the Manager reports monthly to the Board regarding activities, problems, purchases, and needs, making recommendations to and asking advice and consent from the Board. The Manager conveys and carries out policy, instructions, and recommendations and serves as liaison with Authority members, the Technical Committee, Manitowoc Public Utilities, the Authority Engineer, and various other contractors and stakeholders, as well as residents.

In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations, the Manager investigates operational improvements and collaborative operations opportunities, develops the $12 million annual budget, sets annual water rates, coordinates public outreach, and manages consultants and contractors.

Since its creation in 2004, The Authority has had one Manager who is retiring in May. The Manager is the sole staff position and oversees the work of various contracted professional service providers.

The Authority Structure

The Central Brown County Water Authority has a Board of Directors, a Technical Committee, and a Manager that work to oversee the operations of the Authority.

The Board of Directors is composed of one representative from each of the six member communities. The Board has final approval process over all aspects of the Authority, manages administration items, and provides oversight to the Authority’s annual budget. Each member of the Board has one vote. The Board meets monthly with special meetings called as necessary. The Authority Board is stable and has developed a collaborative working relationship.

The Technical Committee identifies and reviews opportunities to improve the water distribution system to reduce costs, maintain the system, and plan for future demand. The Technical Committee meets in advance of each Board meeting to review operations and plan and evaluate capital improvements for Board consideration. Like the Board, each Technical Committee member is appointed by the community they represent, and each member has one vote. Recommendations by the Technical Committee are then reviewed by the Board for possible implementation.

About the Central Brown County Water Authority

The accelerated rate of growth in the region in the 1960s and 1970s led to concerns about the long-term viability of utilizing groundwater aquifers to supply the long-term drinking water needs of the county’s municipalities.

After much study and analysis, it was determined that groundwater would not be able to supply the long-term needs of the Green Bay area communities and that a Lake Michigan water source should be pursued.

In 1998, the Central Brown County Water Commission was created and introduced state legislation that allowed the formation of joint water authorities. The Central Brown County Water Commission was formally established under the new state law in 1999 as the Central Brown County Water Authority.

After reviewing various options, the Authority decided to partner with the City of Manitowoc and Manitowoc Public Utilities for its water supply. On July 20, 2004, a formal agreement was signed among the Authority, the City of Manitowoc and Manitowoc Public Utilities.

The Central Brown County Water Authority (CBCWA) is a Joint Local Water Authority formed in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 66.0823. It is only the Water Authority in the State of Wisconsin. It purchases treated water from Manitowoc Public Utilities and provides treated water wholesale to the City of De Pere; Villages of Allouez, Bellevue and Howard; and the Towns of Lawrence and Ledgeview.

Construction of the water distribution system, water transmission main, and increased microfiltration plant capacity started in July 2005 and was completed in August 2007. The system provides its six member communities with quality water and has additional capacity to add new communities/customers to the Authority. In 2014-15, two large water storage tanks were constructed that add capacity to the system and allow for better water flow and cost management. Today, the CBCWA is responsible for 65 miles of Authority-owned transmission main.


Over the past few years, Authority members have collaborated on various water related projects, such as the purchase of advanced metering infrastructure, AquaHawk customer portal software, and hydrant and water tower painting services. These joint projects have resulted in significant savings for participants. The Manager served as a coordinator and facilitator in bringing some of these efforts to fruition.

Based on the success of these efforts, the Authority recently completed a strategic plan that calls for an increased focus on collaboration and a thorough evaluation of shared service opportunities including the potential for the eventual creation of a regional water utility. The Manager will be responsible for leading the implementation of the CBCWA’s Strategic Plan. Goals identified in the plan include:

  1. Expansion – Create processes to attract new members to CBCWA

  2. Infrastructure and Maintenance – Develop an efficient asset evaluation plan and use innovative technology to continuously enhance the system
  3. Collaboration and Cooperation – Seek methods to positively work together to reduce expenses and develop a best-practice model/sharing of services
  4. Training and Education – Create processes and tools for effective orientation, engagement, and succession of key stakeholders
  5. Value – Achieve optimal balance of operations for the lowest total cost for all member communities


The position requires a bachelor’s degree in business, public administration, engineering, or related field with a minimum of five years in a senior management role. Preferred qualifications include experience as a project manager, working with a board and/or authority, managing consultants and contracts, operating and capital budget development, calculating fees/charges, debt management, and a working knowledge of water systems.

The Ideal Candidate

The Central Brown County Water Authority Manager will be an excellent communicator who is comfortable communicating both in writing and in a public setting to a wide variety of audiences. The Manager will be adept at serving as an advocate and spokesperson for the Authority and will have the ability to translate complex, technical issues into an easy to understand format.

The ideal candidate will be collaborative in nature and will have the ability to build partnerships across agencies and identify future customers, while seeking to enhance the Authority’s ability to meet the needs of its member communities. The Manager will have strong facilitation, mediation, and relationship building skills.

The Manager will be a strong negotiator with contract development expertise and the ability to understand and interpret statutory regulations. The Manager must be a strong project manager and have a demonstrated aptitude for managing multiple contracts and interests in order to negotiate in the best interest of the Authority and its members.

The next Manager will be a visionary leader who has a strategic perspective, with the ability to see beyond the immediate pressures and stay focused on the important long-term objectives of the Authority. The ideal candidate will be innovative and will review and improve business and operational processes.

The Manager is responsible for maintaining the financial security and viability of the Authority. The Manager will be skilled in budget and financial management and have experience in capital planning and debt planning, collaborative purchasing programs, true-up charges, and developing budgets and water and utility rates.

The Manager will work closely with the Board to update and implement the Authority’s Strategic Plan and have the ability keep the organization on track in achieving its goals. The next Manager should be an effective decision maker who can provide thoughtful recommendations to the Board and Technical Committee.

The Manager will have a general familiarity with public utilities, water utilities, and/or public works. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a high degree of independence and can work independently.

The Community

The Central Brown County Water Authority serves communities located in Northeast Wisconsin. This area boasts four distinct seasons, dynamic and diverse employers, and active, safe cities and communities. The area also has a low cost of living – 10.5% lower than the nation’s average. From the cost of housing, dining, recreation, goods and services, utilities, healthcare and transportation to taxes and college tuition, money goes further in Northeast Wisconsin.

The area is perfect for the outdoor adventurer. Known for its shimmering lakes and waterways, the water lover will find that the perfect locations for boating, paddle boarding, fishing, water skiing, and swimming are just minutes away. And for the land lover, Northeast Wisconsin doesn’t disappoint – hiking, camping, hunting – the adventures are endless. Outdoor explorers can take advantage of the lush forests, green meadows, and streams.

Northeast Wisconsin is the perfect blend of urban and rural. Just minutes away from the forest and lakes is Green Bay, Wisconsin’s oldest community. Originally settled by the French as a fur-trading center, today the City may be most famous for its namesake Green Bay Packers. Yet, the City’s appeal rests on a mix of old town charm and big city excitement. Its attractions include the performing arts, Bay Beach Amusement Park, gambling, and one-of-a-kind museums.

The Green Bay Metro Area has a population of over 300,000 people with a median age of 38.8 and a median household income of $54,847. The median property value in Green Bay Metro Area is $158,600, and the homeownership rate is 68.2%. The Green Bay Metro Area is a metropolitan statistical area containing Brown County, WI; Oconto County, WI; and Kewaunee County, WI and the census places of Green Bay, WI; De Pere, WI; and Howard, WI.


The expected hiring range is $85,000-$105,000, depending on qualifications, with an excellent benefit package. The Authority is willing to consider alternative schedules and work locations based on the needs and qualifications of the successful applicant.

How to Apply

Apply Online

Applications will be accepted electronically by The Novak Consulting Group. Apply online at and submit just one document (Word or PDF) that includes a cover letter and resume with salary history. Open until filled with first review of applications April 6, 2018.


Questions should be directed to Jennifer Reichelt at or 513-221-0500.

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