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Washington Township, Ohio

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Township Administrator – Washington Township, Ohio


The Position

Primary duties of the Township Administrator:

  • Executing and enforcing the policies and resolutions of the Board of Trustees
  • Supervising and directing the activities of all staff in the divisions of Township government, including Fire, Zoning, and Administration
  • Recommending measures for adoption by the Board of Trustees
  • Preparing and presenting reports to the Board 
of Trustees
  • Advising the Board on the fiscal condition of 
the Township
  • Preparing and submitting the budget for the ensuing fiscal year
  • Managing all administrative functions, including human resources, communications, and financial functions in the Township
  • Serving as Assistant Zoning Administrator
  • Overseeing ongoing communication throughout the organization and facilitating the exchange of financial information between the Fiscal Officer 
and the Trustees
  • Additional duties as directed by the Board

The Township Administrator must develop a strong, collaborative relationship with the Fiscal Officer so that both may fulfill their statutory duties.

The Organization

Washington Township is governed by three elected Trustees who serve four-year terms. The Township Administrator is appointed by the Board of Trustees. Additionally, the Township has an elected Fiscal Officer (formerly titled Clerk), who is independent of the Board of Trustees while still working collaboratively with the Trustees on the business of the Township. The Fiscal Officer’s duties are prescribed by law and include functions such as keeping minutes of all Board meetings, maintaining Township records, and keeping an accurate record of all Township accounts and transactions.

Washington Township is currently staffed with 109 full-time employees and 28 part-time employees including 128 full-time and part-time fire department personnel. The Township’s expenditure budget in 2017 is $23.1 million. In addition to administrative and support services, the primary functions within the Township organization are Fire and Zoning.
The Washington Township Fire Department is accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International and provides fire protection and EMS services to the entire 27.5 square mile area of Washington Township, including the City of Dublin. The Department has four fire stations and responds to more than 5,000 calls annually, 75% of which are EMS-related.


The requirements for the position include a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Public Administration or related field, or equivalent work experience. Ten years progressively responsible professional work in state, county or local government is also required. Preferred qualifications include a master’s degree in public administration or related field, strong financial management and forecasting skills, human resources expertise, and experience working with a fire department. Familiarity with Ohio Municipal Law is preferred but not required.

There is no residency requirement for the Township Administrator, though there is a preference that the new administrator live in the Township.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be a professional, knowledgeable, confident local government administrator who is competent in public finance, financial forecasting, budget and employee compensation, human resources management, and emergency services. The Township Administrator will be open, accessible, and effective at building relationships in order to develop the trust and respect of the community, Trustees, Fiscal Officer, and staff. The ideal candidate will build consensus and have an inclusive decision-making style, but will also make timely day-to-day decisions and address problems directly to ensure issues are resolved promptly. He or she will bring vision and strategic direction and help take the organization to the next level of excellence. The Administrator will have a management philosophy that demonstrates belief in employees and provides a structure to hold employees accountable. He or she will recommend qualified candidates for the Trustees to appoint, retain highly competent staff, and provide the resources and environment to let staff do their jobs. The Township Administrator will bring creativity and experience with communicating to the public via the web, managing requests for action by the Board, looking at citywide policies and procedures for consistency, and utilizing workplans to provide a framework for reporting progress on key initiatives.

The Community

Washington Township is located in the northwest corner of Franklin County, and includes portions of Delaware and Union counties. It covers an area of 27.5 square miles. The majority of the Township is within the borders of the City of Dublin, Franklin County, which had an estimated population of 38,231 in 2015. A small section in the southern part of the Township is occupied by the City of Hilliard, which had a population of 33,649. The population of the unincorporated service area of Washington Township is only 977, as it is composed of farmland and small housing tracts. Washington Township is among one of the 20 largest townships in Ohio by population.

Several large businesses are located within the Township including Cardinal Health, Ashland Chemical, OCLC, and Wendy’s International.


The expected hiring range is $120,000, depending on qualifications, with an excellent benefit package.

How to Apply

Apply Online

Applications will be accepted electronically by The Novak Consulting Group. Apply at and submit just one document (Word or PDF) that includes a cover letter, resume with salary history, and list of 3-5 professional references. Open until filled with first review of applications July 3, 2017. Application materials are subject to release according to Ohio public records laws.


Please direct questions to Catherine Tuck Parrish or Chelsey Gordon at or 513-221-0500.

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