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Loudoun County, Virginia

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Assistant County Administrator

Loudoun County, Virginia

The Position

The Assistant County Administrator reports to the County Administrator and provides oversight of several departments, major projects, and interdepartmental initiatives. In addition, the Assistant County Administrator works closely with the Board of Supervisors, community and business leaders, and other state and local governmental officials. This position will be vacant due to the January 2015 retirement of the Deputy County Administrator. The position joins three other Assistant County Administrators in the office, each of which has operational supervision of departments and functions with the County government. Current portfolios of departmental and functional oversight for the Assistant County Administrators may change.

Loudoun County’s FY2015 adopted operating budget is $1.42 billion, including $922 million for Loudoun County Public Schools, $438.4 million for general (County) government operations, and $9 million for the Comprehensive Services Act for At-Risk Youth and Families (CSA). The County Administration department has 24.8 FTEs in three divisions: Executive Management, which oversees day-to-day operations in the functional areas of Community Development, Community Services, Public Safety, and Financial/Internal Operations; Support To the Board, which provides administrative and research support to the Board including its strategic goals, and work plan and legislative agenda; and Public Affairs and Communication, which includes external and internal communications and community engagement.

Form of Government

Loudoun County operates under the “Traditional Form” of county government, the most commonly used form in the Commonwealth. The Board of Supervisors is responsible for the legislative and administrative affairs of the County. The Board of Supervisors appoints a County Administrator to oversee the day-to-day administration on behalf of the Board. In addition, there are other elected officials officers – Commissioner of the Revenue, Treasurer, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Commonwealth’s Attorney and Sheriff – who are responsible for the conduct and administration of various aspects of the County’s affairs.


Minimum requirements for this position are at least ten years of local government experience, including at least three years with supervision, and a bachelor’s degree. Preferred qualifications are a master’s degree in public administration or related field, department head or other operational experience, strong experience in human resources, budget and/or finance, and demonstrated experience working effectively with elected officials.

The Ideal Candidate

The Assistant County Administrator will have high expectations of himself/herself and other staff, provide clear direction after listening and understanding the big picture, and will take care of day-to-day issues before they are referred to the County Administrator. The ideal candidate will bring a strategic perspective, be able to see beyond the immediate pressures, and stay focused on the important long-term objectives. He/she will be calm under pressure, responsive but not reactive, and provide thoughtful, creative alternatives. The Assistant County Administrator will be an excellent communicator who is also a good listener, serve as a sounding board for the County Administrator, and be strong enough to provide fresh alternatives regardless of their popularity. He/she will spend time in the organization getting to know the workforce and operational functions and issues, seek data-driven solutions, and also calculate the human and political implications of different options. The ideal candidate will be ethical, approachable, trustworthy, apolitical, and committed to service. He/she will be adaptable to changing needs, build partnerships and collaboration across agencies and organizations that have similar objectives, while seeking to enhance the County’s ability to meet community needs. The Assistant County Administrator will mentor staff, develop leaders, and strengthen the organization’s capacity to serve. The ideal candidate will be someone who has successfully led divisions, departments, or local government organizations with strong leadership and fairness as well as with patience, humility, and a sense of humor. Finally, the Assistant County Administrator will represent the County Administrator in a variety of formal and informal settings, be expected to represent appropriately the interests of the County, the Board, and the Office, and will be occasionally expected to act on behalf of and in the absence of the County Administrator.

The Community

Loudoun County, Virginia, “DC’s Technology Corridor,” is an innovative, globally competitive community known for its favorable business environment, exceptional quality of life, and strong sense of community. Located in northern Virginia, approximately 45 minutes northwest of Washington, D.C., Loudoun County is a growing and thriving community of more than 336,000 residents. Loudoun County has been one of the fastest growing communities of its size for the last decade. The County’s eastern area is mainly suburban in character while its western area is more rural, including small towns, horse farms, and more than 160,000 acres of well-preserved open space. Dulles International Airport, a major facility serving nearly 30 million passengers every year, is the southern part of the County. Additionally, the Washington D.C. Metro area is currently expanding into Loudoun County with the extension of the Silver Line—scheduled for completion in 2018—which will allow residents to travel conveniently into Washington, D.C. Ranked by Forbes Magazine as the wealthiest County in the United States in 2012, Loudoun is also the second fastest growing county in the nation.

Board of Supervisors Vision and Strategic Goals Statements


By honoring its rich heritage as well as embracing the robust opportunities of a new day, Loudoun County maintains the high quality of life it has achieved, shapes a future that represents the best of both worlds, and creates a place where its residents are proud to live, work, and play.


The strategies that have enabled Loudoun County to achieve this success include:

  • accelerating economic development so that the tax burden to residents is lowered, job opportunities are increased, the commercial
  • potential of the Dulles corridor is realized, and continued levels of business growth and affluence result;
  • adopting fiscal responsibility as a core principle;
  • developing an effective transportation network;
  • maintaining high quality educational opportunities;
  • preserving the best of Loudoun County’s unique historical significance and heritage while positioning the County to be in the forefront of progressive enterprise;
  • supporting the geographical and cultural diversity of small towns and rural economies (agriculture, vineyards, horse farms) in the west with planned urban neighborhoods and suburban housing, retail, and commercial infrastructure in the east;
  • achieving a balance of the old and the new; of residential and commercial; of traditional values (family, community, environmental stewardship) and dynamic growth;
  • streamlining County government to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and promote a positive climate for constituent interactions.

(adopted January 2, 2013)

Loudoun County Mission

Our mission is to conscientiously serve our community and our citizens in a dynamic world; to protect and enhance the general health, safety and well being; to attract and nurture talented people in a work environment which will inspire us to serve the public with integrity, creativity, high standards and respect; to make the most of our resources; to create, foster and maintain the best possible quality of life; to invest in tomorrow. In carrying out this mission, the life we envision for our community is rich and full of promise. We envision citizens proud of their community and the accomplishments of their government.


The salary range is $140,000 to $155,000, depending on qualifications, with an excellent benefit package. This position is open until filled with first review of applications on December 4, 2014.

How to Apply

This position has been filled and is no longer available.

Thank you for your interest.

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Applications will be accepted electronically by The Novak Consulting Group. Apply online at and include cover letter, resume with salary history, and 3-5 professional references. Applicant information will be kept confidential. Open until filled with first review of applications December 4, 2014. Just click the button to get started.


Questions should be directed to Catherine Tuck Parrish at or 240-832-1778..

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