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    Values with Dr. John Nalbandian

    There are four Values that live in tension in local government. Dr. Nalbandian presents these values and the underlying complexities of public sector decision-making.


    Why We Vote with Dr. John Nalbandian

    When should the governing body vote on an issue? In this video, Dr. John Nalbandian uses the examples of a young student and a family reunion to illustrate what types of issues need a vote.


    Cups and Community Building with Dr. John Nalbandian

    Learn about the importance of Cups and Community Building with Dr. John Nalbandian.


    Governing Body Effectiveness

    Learn about the importance of roles, values and different perspectives in creating effective governing bodies in Bridging the Gap, a new brochure compiled by President, Julia Novak.

    Read the full brochure here.


    Lessons From the Mound: a presentation by Julia Novak

    An audio/video presentation given by Julia Novak in July at the Inspiring Women in Public Administration Conference 2016, at the University of Kansas.