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Helping organizations make smart hiring choices.

Making the right hire for key positions is critical to the health and long-term success of any organization. Executive search can be an invaluable service for both elected bodies hiring executive staff and CEOs filling high-level positions.

At The Novak Consulting Group, we apply a holistic approach to executive search that focuses on long-term performance rather than short-term placement. Not only will we support your organization by finding the right people when you need them most — our diligent work and ongoing guidance will ensure their contributions are significant from day one.

Developing a system for the top candidate’s success.

We support the top candidate’s long-term success by creating a goals-driven work plan actionable from day one. Many firms focus solely on finding qualified applicants, leaving the client on their own once the position is filled. Our team, however, uses the objectives gathered during the inquiry stage to prepare new hires for their first year and we follow up after their placement.

The consultants at The Novak Consulting Group have worked extensively with public and nonprofit organizations in making key hiring decisions. Because we have hands-on career experience in the fields in which we search for candidates, we can deliver the best and the brightest – filling key positions, such as:

  • City and County Manager
  • General Manager, CEO, CAO
  • Executive Director
  • Assistant/Deputy Manager
  • Department Head
  • Key Staff Members and technical staff

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